Sometimes the best solution is to take your existing roof and replace it with a new roof system. If this seems like an intimidating task, don’t worry! Nauman Roofing will do a free inspection on your home to determine if a roof replacement is necessary, or if a repair is enough to buy your roof a few more years of life. Click above to receive a Free Consultation today!





So I’m replacing my roof, now what?

The beauty of roof replacement is that your options are open! You don’t have to go back to the same kind of roof. Discover the true differences between shingle, slate, or metal roofing. Find the one that best fits your houses style and roof replacement cost. Nauman Roofing’s team will provide you with information about each roof system to help make your roof replacement decision easier and more informed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What roof replacement cost can I work with at this time?
  • Do I want to replace my roof with the same type that I currently have?
  • Do I want a full replacement/re-roof, or can I get by with a repair?
  • What is my time frame for completion?
  • Do I want to replace additional external features on my house? (gutters, skylights, siding, etc.)

Shingle Roof System

shingle roof system for shingle roof replacement

Asphalt shingles will give you a long lasting roof that is pleasing esthetically as well as economically. Nauman Roofing offers 25 Year, 30 Year, and Lifetime warranties that cover the materials, labor, and installation of your shingle roof system. Offered in a variety of styles and colors, shingle roof systems are a durable and low maintenance option.

 Metal Roof System

metal roof system for metal roof replacementMetal is synonymous with strength, which is exactly what you want your roof to have in order to protect your home from hail, snow, and high winds. Metal roofing can be surprisingly affordable because it will last for decades, and has lower life-cycle costs than conventional roofing materials. Available in an assortment of styles and colors, a metal roof will add both beauty and value to your home all while saving you money on energy costs and insurance premiums.

Slate Roof System

slate roof system for slate roof replacementDespite slate’s expensive reputation, history has proven that with proper care, it is the roofing system with the longest life span making it worth the investment. Known as one of the most classic and enduring roofing materials, slate’s benefit is both environmentally friendly and fire resistant. Tiles can vary in size, thickness, and color (gray, green, purple, black, red, and multicolored tiles) giving you the opportunity to creatively customize your home.