The roof of your house not only adds beauty and value to your home, it also works hard to keep you safe. Living in Pennsylvania your roof is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions that, over time, can cause some serious damage. Our residential roof repair division handles all major and minor problems that may occur, with quick, efficient services and at a reasonable cost. No one knows roofing better than Nauman Roofing and with more than 25-years of local experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Have you heard horror stories about residential roofing companies telling customers they need an entire roof replacement when they only need a minor repair? It’s sad, but true that many roofing companies only want to sell you a new roof because, “That’s where the money is.” It’s a shame how many good people are talked into prematurely replacing their roof when it’s not needed. Let the experienced service techs at Nauman Roofing come out and take a look. If you truly need a new roof, we will let you know.

Part of Nauman Roofing’s mission is to provide an honest roofing consultation and ultimately, increase the return on a homeowner’s roof investment.

Shingle Repair|Metal Repair|Slate Repair|Inspection Process|Preventative Maintenance

nauman contracting residential roof repair services

Roof Inspection Process

Once you’ve called Nauman Roofing for a free consultation, the repair technician will take the following approach to inspect the condition of your roof:

  1. The external assessment will identify any of the following signs:
    • Fading or discoloration from excessive sun exposure
    • Dents or dark-colored pock marks from hail damage
    • Algae or moss growing
    • System element issues (flashing, lead boots, vents, drip edge, fascia board)
    • Changes in roof pitch
    • Condition of gutters
    • Punctures
  2. If an external assessment is not enough to diagnose the repair issue, the technician will request to do an internal examination (commonly from the attic). This could expose latent internal damage that is sometimes overlooked.
    • roof deck moisture or rot
    • Dark stains on the sheathing or roof framing
    • mold growth
    • Sagging or inadequate structural connections

Shingle Repair

shingle roof repair

Common Shingle Repair Problems:

  • Cracked or curling shingles
  • Granules loss, clogging gutters
  • Delamination, slipping shingles
  • Incorrect/offset shingle pattern
  • Blown off cap
  • Fasteners uplifting
  • Punctures


Metal Repair

metal roof repair

 Common Metal Roof Repair Problems:

  • Rusting or degrading panels
  • Loose or broken fasteners
  • Loose panels
  • Poor flashing details
  • Signs of incorrect previous repairs
  • Missing/damaged hip or ridge cap



Slate Repair

slate roof repair

 Common Slate Roof Repair Problems:

  • Missing or broken slate
  • Discoloration
  • Tight or improper nailing of slate during installation
  • Deficient or absent wall or ceiling insulation
  • Deficient or absent underlayments
  • Improper flashing (aluminum instead of copper)
  • Improper nails (steel nails instead of copper/stainless steel nails)



Best Practices in Preventative Maintenance

roof maintenance and repair services

As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do on your own to maximize the longevity of your roof. Keep in mind that if you choose to perform these activities yourself, safety should always be your main priority. Use a firmly braced or tied-off ladder equipped with rubber safety feet. Wear rubber soled shoes and stay on the ladder.

  1. Clean your gutters annually. Nauman Roofing recommends that gutters be cleaned during the spring and at the end of fall. When water cannot drain properly going into the winter, ice and snow will build up and put unnecessary strain on your roof which can cause more damage.
  2. Depending on the age of your roof, you should inspect it at least once a year. You can do this yourself safely from the ground. Just keep an eye out for missing or broken roofing material, fungus or mildew growth, discoloration, and any trees growing directly over your roof that have the potential to puncture it in high winds.

Having a general awareness of your roof’s condition is always in your best interest. Catching and repairing a small problem early can save you money in the long run. If you are uncomfortable with any of these activities, you can always count on Nauman Roofing to help you out. Request a free quote today!