Are you looking for a way to boost the curb appeal and functionality of your home? Nauman Roofing provides residential roofing, repair and replacement services for homeowners throughout Monroe County.  From initial inspection to project completion, we treat each roof with the same care as if it were our own.  When you schedule a residential roof repair, replacement, or new roof installation project with Nauman Roofing, you receive a great roof and professional installation services.  Each time we begin a new project, we will walk you through the roofing materials and other options available within your budget and style requirements.  Then, after writing up a thorough contract, we get to work on your home. Satisfied homeowners are our #1 priority – we do not consider a project “complete” until it passes inspection and is proven to be up to code.

Whether you are looking for a new shingle, metal, or tile roof – or just need some work done on your current roof – give us a call for a inspection and quote.

You can count on Nauman Roofing for your home’s roof repair in Monroe County, PA and surrounding areas. Shingle, metal, or slate, Nauman Roofing will take time to diagnose the problem and ensure the repair is done right. Learn about:

  • Common roofing problems,
  • Steps you can take to make repairs
  • Professional inspection process
  • Best practices in preventative roofing maintenance.

There comes a time in every roof’s life when repair is not enough and it is necessary to replace your existing roof with a brand new system. Nauman Roofing will inspect the roof of your home to determine if replacement is necessary or if repair is enough to buy your roof a few more years of life. Learn about:

  • The types of roofing systems we install
  • Important questions to consider when replacing your roof.