Commercial roofing, especially flat roof systems, can be complicated to diagnose for roof repair if you do not know what to look for. Nauman Roofing’s commercial roof repair division handles all major and minor problems that may occur on your flat roof quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. No one knows commercial roofing better than Nauman Roofing and with more than 25-years of local experience, we have mastered these proven roofing techniques.


Though you may feel safer inspecting a flat roof (verses a pitched roof) on your own, it is still in your best interest to call a professional for help. Water seeks the path of least resistance so it stands to reason that a leak can be anywhere on the roof, not necessarily above that spot where moisture is occurring. Not only can it require a lot of patience to diagnose a leak, but you have to know what materials are compatible to your roof system to complete the repair. For example, some adhesives that are easily purchased at local hardware stores bond only with specific roofing materials. Used improperly, it could degrade your roof and cause further damage, so let the experienced service techs at Nauman Contracting come out and take a look.  We will identify your problem and tell you honestly if you need to replace your roof or conduct a minor repair.

Part of Nauman Roofing’s mission is to provide an honest roofing consultation and ultimately, increase the return your commercial investment.

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Common Flat Roof Repair Problems:

Once you’ve called Nauman Roofing for a free consultation, the commercial roof repair technician will conduct and internal and external inspection of the building to identify any of the following common flat roofing repair problems:

  • Cracking or blistering membrane
  • Seam delamination
  • A soft spot from moist insulation under membrane.
  • Loose roof to wall flashings
  • Loose curb flashings
  • Punctures or slices in membrane
  • Ponding
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Best Practices in Preventative Maintenance

Due to the fact that commercial roofing products (flat roofing systems) have a shorter life span than other materials, it is in your best interest to conduct preventative maintenance. These are important steps that you can do on your own to maximize the longevity of your roof. Keep in mind that if you choose to perform these activities yourself, safety should always be your main priority.

  1. If you feel the need to go up on your roof yourself, keep a safe distance of 10 feet from the edge of the roof unless you are secured with a body harness.
  2. Depending on the age of your roof, you should inspect it at least once a year. Look for:
  • Missing or broken roofing material,
  • Remove any debris from drains, scuppers, gutters.
  • If you have had any roof top units serviced recently, ensure that those vendors have not done any damage.
  • Immediately remove any type of vegetation growing on roof surface.


Having a general awareness of your roof’s condition is always in your best interest. Catching and repairing a small problem early can save you money in the long run. If you are uncomfortable with any of these activities, you can always count on Nauman Roofing to help you out. Request a free quote today!

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