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We have officially had our first snow of the season! For many, this season is an exciting time. However, this type of weather can cause chaos as well. As a homeowner, you may be thinking about what this means for your roof. For some, it may mean an existing problem that has been hiding underneath all the beautiful fall leaves rearing its head in the form of a roof leak due to the melting snow. Another thing you may be worried about in regards to snow fall and your roof is the weight on the snow on your home. How much snow is too much? What will the weight do to my roof?

We asked our Roofing and Construction Services Estimator and Manager, John Lohmann, what he thought the most important information homeowners should know regarding the impending snowy season ahead. He said, “Snow loads on a roof are a concern with a lot of snow especially as temperatures start to warm up and that snow gets heavier.  During a harsh winter in our area of the Poconos, there were many roofs that collapsed.  Snow at that point was weighed at 19 lbs per square foot, so using a common 14 square ranch house as an example, the roof had approximately 26,600 pounds on it.  My recommendation would be to have someone shovel it, or using a roof rake clean off as much as possible, safely from the ground.”