Photo Source: Home Partners

We have already had some 30-degree weather so far this fall season, so it makes us think about the upcoming beautiful winter scenes classic to the Poconos. With that freezing weather, however, also comes snow covered roofs. While beautiful, these conditions are not only perfect for sledding but also ice dams. These dams can cause quite a bit of damage inside and outside of your home including peeling paint, warped floors, soggy attic insulation, and sagging ceilings.

So, how do snowy roof tops cause ice dams? The first thing that happens is a heat collection in the attic of your home. This warms most the roof; however, it does not warm the eaves so when the snow melts the water collected freezes due to the difference in temperature. Ice then begins to accumulate along the eaves of the roof create a dam. The melting snow water cannot escape from the top of the roof because of the dam, which causes the water to flood underneath the shingles and into the home.

How can you prevent dams from forming? Heat loss is the major cause of ice dams, so the best way to avoid ice damming would be to properly insulate and seal your attic and roof system to increase the R-value and air seal leakage.

If you believe that your home is not properly insulated and have had issues with ice dams in the past, call a qualified contractor, like Nauman Contracting, to fix this issue for you. For a free estimate, call (570) 476-7606.